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Easiest Step in Harness & Leash for Cats & Dogs on the GO! Designed to make TSA inspection process faster, safer and hassle free for you and your pets.

Harness and Leash for cats traveling to and from kennels groomers or vet visits. Also perfect for traveling on airlines. Triple secure with VELCRO and Snap Latch Closures and double leash D-rings.

All pets are Required to be leashed while in public and outside of their carrier like during TSA Screening process and vet visits. Cats are especially hard to control if startled or frightened. Our Cat Travel Harness helps control your cat or kitten during this process and helps to calm your cat during these stressful situation.
One of the easiest harnesses to put on and take off your cat
•SAFER than Strap Harnesses especially for cats
•Light weight breathable mesh
•Very comfortable and easy to train your cat to accept
•Metal Free for easy hassle free TSA Airport Inspections

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not returnable for refund if the item is soiled and/or has been worn by your pet. If item has been used it can only be returned for exchange in size or replacement if the item is damaged or defective. We do not accept returns if you are unable to train your cat to accept the Harness. So if you are traveling soon and do not have time to harness train your Cat you may want to check out our TSA FAST PASS® Leash & Collar. It is also designed not to trigger any alarms during your TSA airport inspection. Most cats take to them immediately.





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    Great harness

    Posted by Carole on 8th Jul 2014

    I was looking for a good harness that my Ragdoll kitten would not slip out of and came across this one and decided to give it a try. He is a year old and the harness fits great and seems like it will be a good secure one. He's not thrilled but in time will get used to it. I like that I can give him some outside time supervised on his harness. The buckle snaps over his shoulders and not sure how comfortable that is for him and the leash is hard to snap onto the buckle / clasp area so I tend to use a different leash. All in all though I a very pleased and satisfied with the harness.

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    What we were looking for

    Posted by Jamey on 3rd Apr 2014

    Although the cat isn't thrilled with a harness, it really is just what we were looking for. He can slip his head out of most harnesses, so this one works great. We plan on keeping it on him when we travel with our trailer. Our cat is seven years old and weighs a "dainty" 17 pounds, so it's been difficult finding anything that suits his size. So far, this one looks like it will do the trick!

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    Cat harness

    Posted by Lynn on 30th Oct 2013

    Very nicely constructed cat harness, looks comfy, but cat must become acclimated to agree with my interpretation of comfy.

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    Super practical and cute

    Posted by Shai on 1st Aug 2013

    Just received the harnesses today. I bought 2 sizes in case my cat fluctuates in weight and size. Previously used a collar and lead on my cat which was quite constricting around her neck whenever she pulled away. Definitely better quality than other harnesses that I've seen in pet shops. Highly recommend this product.

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    Chester Approved, Kind Of

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Mar 2013

    My feline was trained on a harness and lead as a kitten. When he is put on a lead for his own good, he is pretty adaptable as far as cats go. We wanted to upgrade him to a mesh harness for comfort and support. I am glad we choose your product. He clearly likes it better than the rope kind. We are using it on a daily basis and already going on longer walks, depending on his energy level and tolerance. The large just fits him, thankfully he is full grown. He is 14.5 pds. with the stocky Persian build, very chesty.

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    Really llike Kats N Us

    Posted by Shari on 17th Sep 2012

    We just moved cross country from California to Indiana - with 4 precious cats. I found the airline regulations daunting and was thrilled to find Kats N Us Kits, providing the correct kennels, sizing instructions, labels, absorbent pads, etc. It really helped make the preparation smoother! One additional suggestion, my vet recommended shredded newspaper on the bottom of cages (on top of absorbent pads). Better for cats to cover any mess. And at the airline, cargo personnel drilled larger holes and provided larger plastic ties to tie shut the cage doors. Lots of stories about poor cats adjusting to the move, but, thanks to KatsNUs, they got here safely. Since here, we also purchased a harness to help us let the kitties outside safely. I still haven't found a harness they can't back out of though. This harness is probably more suited to airline use as it is intended, because it is bulky, not meant for letting cats walk. There is no adjustment on the chest for sizing, so it's important to measure correctly. I love your products and site and will continue to check out what you have whenever we need something else. Thanks again for getting us cross country safely!! Poor kitties, even with a direct flight they were caged for 11 hours. But since the cages were perfect size, it seemed like the best way to minimize the kitty trauma.

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