Dog Travel Water Bottle for Walking - 500ml ( 16 oz) Portable Pet Water Dispenser with Food Container and Dog Waste Bag Poop Shovel Multifunctional Water Bottle

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Dog Water Bottle for Traveling, Multi-Function Water Bottle with Snack Compartment, Portable Dog Water Dispenser, Road Trip Essential for your pet's need for food and water and pooping!

Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle: Our multi-functional dog water bottle is made of high-quality food grade PC plastic and does not contain BPA, including drinking bowl, water bottle, snack compartment, garbage bag and poop shovel. You don’t have to worry about your pet drinking dirty water or eating unhealthy food, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning dog poop.

Great Combo: Each part of the dog water bottle can be disassembled, used and cleaned separately. For example, when you and your pet are ready to go out, the multi functional pet water bottle is perfect for your dog to drink and feed. You can fill the water bottle with clean water, then unscrew the snack compartment to fill your pet's favorite food. The lanyard tie design is convenient for you and your pet to go for a walk in the park. Easily attached to your backpack or bag.

Safe and Leak Proof: This dog water bottle is of integrated design, with a storage capacity of 16oz / 500ml. It is equipped with a double leakage proof switch which can feed water and also make the residual water return to the cup body without waste. In addition, the mouth of the bottle is equipped with a silica gel sealing ring and the button slides to the bottom to lock the water so that your backpack will not be wet when you travel far away.

Clean and Environmentally Friendly: Portable garbage bags are placed at the bottom of the water bottle and the poop shovel is clamped on the bottle body , which can be taken off when using. Tear off a garbage bag and put on the shovel, then the dog poop can be directly put into the degradable garbage bag which will not pollute the environment. It is hygienic and there is no trouble of soiling your hands.

Choose your color: Our multi-functional pet water bottle has smooth surface, easy to clean and long service life. Suitable for a variety of large, medium and small pets in outdoor long-term use. 4 Colors to choose from, so you can pick which is convenient for you and your pet to go out happily every time.



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