Pet Leash, Harness, and Toy storage Tube

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This plastic vinyl tube is perfect to store your pets leash or harness or both when traveling.With the attached twist tie it conveniently attaches to your pets airline carrier. It also can be used for storage of additional documents or certificates your pet may need. Some customers have used these tubes for their cats cat toys or a way to store catnip out of reach.

  •     1 2 inch diameter, 8 inches long clear plastic vinyl tube
  •     2 black vinyl caps with 1 twist tie attached
  •     leash, harness or toy not included

Airlines recommend you have a leash and harness available for your pet. There may be times when you have a layover or a long trip and you need to exercise your pet. It is not recommended to have theses things in the carrier itself. How do you attached them to the carrier? Worried that they will get loose and lost?  This storage tube attached to your pets carrier makes it one less thing for you to pack!

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