Sky Kennels

These Sky Kennel Airline Crate Packages include EVERYTHING required by Airlines for Pet Airline Travel or Transport in Cargo/Luggage area of the plane.

Whether your pet cat or dog is traveling with you as checked excess baggage or without you as Cargo, This Airline Pet Package includes everything needed. We take the guess work out of it! No fuss!

You get an Airline Approved Crate, enough metal nuts and bolts for this crate, the proper amount of live animal labels, Dry Fur pads, enough cable ties, food and water bowls that fit the door, pet ID tags, Everything!

We put it all together make it easier on you and your pet! OUR (ALL in ONE) Complete Pet Airline Kit – Guaranteed to be accepted by ALL Airlines.

100% Airline Approved by ALL AIRLINES

100% Approved for Domestic and International Flights

IATA – USDA – FAA  Compliant

100% Airline Ready – NO Modifications REQUIRED

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