Wood Dog Crate Furniture

Keep every member of the household safe while keeping your internal interior designer happy with the CR8-2Fly Wood Dog Crate & End Table. This exceptional Ready to Assemble dog crate is made with 100% Plywood and is safe, sturdy, virtually indestructible and still Fully Portable! With an style that blends seamlessly into any decor, this design eliminates the need for an unsightly metal crate left out in the open and slips right into your normal decor. Doubling as a real end table, it features a secure latching door to keep your precious crate-trained pet safely contained while you’re away. Made out of strong Birch Plywood so you can feel confident that your best friend is safe. Best of all, the beautiful design looks stunning in any room of the house—say goodbye to unsightly, uncomfortable crates. You can even paint this wood crate to fit the color scheme of your dreams. It's the perfect blend of fashionable and functional.

These crates were designed with pet travel in mind so If you have to travel and house crate your dog is set! Ready to Assemble and disassemble, very easy to move around. Perfect for Grooming at dog shows as well!

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