Cat Toy Wand Refill Beetle KatFly® Teaser Attachment

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BeetleKatFly Refill
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The KatFly® Beetle Cat Toy Teaser Wand refill is a great addition to your interactive toy teaser wand collection. 

Cats need exercise, especially if they are inside all the time.

This toy creates some fun for you and your cat and gives them exercise at the same time. Cats can't get enough!


  • KatFly® Beeyle Cat Wand Teaser Attachment. Body is about 2 inch, and looks like a beetle!
  • Replacement / Refill for Top Selling Cat Teaser Wands
  • Choose from 3 colors! Need a wand? Add on of those too!
  • Made of wool with a real colorful feathers about the size of a hummingbird.
  • This Cat Toy Teaser wand brings out the natural hunting instinct of your cat! 


  • When attached to a cat toy teaser wand it flies like a real bird!
  • Made out of Strong and durable material for long lasting play.
  • With any teaser wand cat toy supervision is required.

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Great Interactive toy for you and your cat!