Feather Crinkle Teaser Cat Toy Teaser Wand - 1Pk

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  • Colorful Cat Teaser Wand with Feathers.
  • The wand will not break easily.
  • Cat Wand Colorful Acrylic about 10 inches long attached with a flexible stem and colorful feathers.
  • Feathers and Mylar strands and no bell. 1 wand per pack
  • Assorted Colors.

Other features:

  • Great for interactive play with your cat.
  • Action cat toys are made to let cats be cats, allowing them to jump, pounce, and chase their prey
  • Colorful and fun toys stimulate the senses and reward kitty with healthy play




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    Not my cats favorite feather teaser...

    Posted by Vincent on 11th Aug 2020

    ... but not her least favorite either. They do have a nice 'springy' piece added to the end to which the feathers are attached. This is a definite plus as it gives the feathers more of a random motion than you can get from feathers simply attached to a long, stiff plastic stick. These hold up about as well as all the other teasers out there. I do wish manufactures who make these things would stop coloring the feathers to make them pretty to humans. My cats favorite teaser is an all natural, brown turkey feather teaser. I worry about the dyes used to make the colors that the cat inevitably ingests no matter how careful I am when playing with her.