Playtime Catnip Mist Spray

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Playtime Catnip Mist Spray - Extra Strength with Premium catnip essential oil

Great for refreshing old cat toys, encourage cats to use a new scratching post, or to spray on a new toy! Anything can be a toy!

  • Offers the benefits of loose catnip in a neat, convenient 4 ounce mist spray
  • Catnip infused spray made with natural premium catnip essential oil is safe, pure and potent without chemicals, pesticides or fillers
  • Catnip Mist provides a burst of playful energy and fun for cats of all shapes and sizes
  • Attracts cats like a magnet to toys, scratchers and bedding
  • Made by the makers of our Hot Cat Catnip toys using organic catnip grown here in Oregon


A spritz is all it takes!

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