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Exclusively from Kats'n Us!


One of our popular items from our NEW Classic Retro Collection.

These fun cat toys are made of  100% Rabbit Fur and with a new design gives them more weight. More fun to throw or bat around. Only in Natural Color, these Pom Pom Cat Toys measure about 2 inches in diameter.  Cats think that these are real!

    real rabbit fur pom pom cat toy

Cats and Kittens loves these real soft rabbit fur balls. Brings out the natural hunting instincts in your feline. Cats will actually gently carry the ball in their mouth, perfect toy for teaching your cat to play fetch. My cat actually flings the ball in the air and chases it. Cats go crazy for this toy so make sure and buy plenty for back up.

Also in natural color and made from real rabbit fur is our Fur Mouse Cat Toy. Another favorite of the Kats'n Us staff.


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    Rabbit Fur PomPom

    Posted by SHERYL CASTELLANO on 28th Dec 2020

    I love that this is real rabbit fur. My kitties love the smell and love playing with them. I love that I have nothing to worry about with rabbit bones ect.

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    Rabbit Fur Pom Pom

    Posted by Jean on 27th Sep 2020

    My cat loves the toy, carried everywhere!!

  • 5
    My cat loves these!

    Posted by Jenn on 5th Oct 2019

    My cat absolutely loves these rabbit fur pom pom balls! These are by far her favorite toy out of anything I've ever bought her, I'm so glad I came across these!

  • 5
    Awesome pom pom's

    Posted by Elaine Woolley on 28th Sep 2019

    Excellent quality...superb shipping time. I am a repeat customer....will buy again.

  • 5
    Our cat loves this toy, tosses it around. It is a good size for her to carry around

    Posted by Sharon lowman on 14th Sep 2019

    Would highly recommend this product

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    Rabbit Pom Pom balls

    Posted by Jacinta on 4th May 2019

    These are honestly one of the best things you could buy your cat. My kitten loves to bat them around and practice her back legs kicking on them. She is now learning to fetch with them. Thanks guys for a fun product.

  • 5
    Love at first Bite

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2019

    What can I say? Rabbit, fluffy, smelly...she can't get enough. She is constantly throwing it up, chewing on it and protecting it when she rests. It's her new love.

  • 5
    Energetic youth rediscovered

    Posted by Sushi's Mom on 19th Aug 2015

    My cat used to love the real fur balls from Petco. Unfortunately, Petco discontinued to carry them long ago. Since then I was unable to find them in the stores. Recently I resorted to Ebay and found myself fooled by the fake from China. Then I googled to find some made in USA. When I received the real thing from Kats n Us, my cat and I were overjoyed to play the chasing game together. You should have seen how excitedly my 11 years old hopped unto the little thing. Now I don't have to worry his vet comments on his weight again. With the secret weapon, this little guy can work out more than half an hour a day.

  • 4
    All that glitters is gold!

    Posted by Nic K on 13th Jun 2015

    My 16 month old Devon really loves these, he scatters crazily all around the housebatting it around with his paws and holding them in his hands with his claws. Very happy kitty.

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