Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Cat Teaser Wand - Light Pink, White, Yellow, Purple

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Our 4 rabbit Fur Pom Pom Cat Toy Teaser Wand could be your kitties next fun toy! 4 colorful pom poms attached to a strong elastic cord with a plastic wand to give you and your cat that interactive play time!

  • 100% Real Rabbit Fur Pom Pom cat wand in bright vivid pastel colors
  • Black plastic wand measures 18 inches long with 36 inch durable elastic cord.
  • 4 Soft and cute fluffy real rabbit fur pom poms are attached.


Kats'N Us' pom pom cat toys are designed to stimulate your feline friend's natural instincts with real fur. Our Real Rabbit Fur cat toy products offer an Interactive natural playtime experience. At Kats'N US We offer a wide variety of interactive cat toys for indoor cats and outdoor cats, they are not just for the cat to play with, our cat products can get you involved in the fun! Cats are healthier with interaction and stimulation. That’s what we offer! If fake fur cat toys are not your thing, We have a HUGE selection of Cat Toys: Real fur Mice Cat Toys, Cat Teasers and Much more!