Real Fur White Mice Cat Toy - With RATTLE SOUND

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This is one of our most popular toys!

These furry White mice are your cats delight!

They are one of our cat toys from our NEW Classic Retro Collection.


Great exercise for your cat! They love to chase, toss and carry these guys around. The Kats’n Us Cats have field tested these toys for you. Since these toys look so real our cats play with them like they would with a real mouse. This brings out their hunting instincts. They toss them around and can even totally destroy them as if they are alive. We have not experienced them eating these and when the mice get to the point of being beyond recognition, we replace them with a new mouse.  Safety first!  All cats whether they are indoors, outdoors or both need exercise, human contact and stimulation. Make these mice a part of their cat toy selection.



  • Made out of 100% Real Rabbit fur with a leather tail and are about 2 inches long.
  • These white mouse cat toy all have 2 leather ears and a red nose.
  • White Mouse is made with a soft plastic mold for the body with real rabbit fur around it.
  • It has  Rattle SOUND inside, but still has some weight to it to feel real.

Also in natural color and made from real rabbit fur is our Fur Pom Pom Cat Toy. Another favorite of the Kats'n Us staff.

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    Exceptional seller and remarkable mice, which are like no other toys on the market!

    Posted by M. Foullon on 10th Oct 2023

    Our gratitude for having shipped these mice to our little island, which is mired in red tape, and for having so diligently dealt with the bureaucratic end of things! As for these mice, what can I say, only real cat lovers know just how much they mean to cats: they are priceless! The verdict is unanimous: this seller is a true cat expert and cat lover, for there is no better selection of cat toys and no better quality out there than what Kats' N Us has to offer. Can't wait to shop again for Christmas!

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    Real Fur White Mice Cat Toy

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2022

    Upon delivery, the cat smelled the mice through their packaging. (Mail is pushed through a slot in the front door.) Then, he spent about an hour tossing the whole huge envelope around the house.

    Now, he checks for the mail every day. He really loves these toys. I can't say that enough.

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    real fur white mice cat toy

    Posted by Patricia Hetherington on 22nd Oct 2021

    best place to buy them, My cat LOVES to play throw and catch and bat them back and forth under the bathroom door when I am in there.

    When I order them they come quickly! thanks!

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    real fur white mice cat toy

    Posted by Patricia Hetherington on 20th Jul 2021

    The only mouse my kitten will play all day with. He loves the rattle sound so that when we throw it he can hear where he needs to go get it and brings it back to us! So much fun! I bought the bag with 10 in it and now I am reordering a bigger bag so I don't have to look for them all day!

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    Cat is obsessed with it

    Posted by Kathleen Campbell on 18th Mar 2021

    I have bought my rescue cat many cat toys but none has intrigued nor satisfied her as much as your retro fur mice (grey, white, ones for wands). These small furry mice bring out her prey instinct like no other toys, including feathered ones. She even invents games with them, hiding them under a table or rug and then pouncing on them. Unfortunately for me, she also plays a game called "swat mice under the coach so mom has to crawl on her hands and knees to retrieve them"! I cannot find these mice in the pet stores so thank you for carrying them. Overall, very pleased with my purchase

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    Real Fur Mice Cat Toy

    Posted by BETTY J JORDAN on 17th Dec 2020

    My one Ragdoll LOVES the fur white mice. Problem was she destroys them pretty fast and/or hides them. Most pet stores do not carry the real fur mice anymore so we were down to the last, fresh toy. Finding these great mice and in package quantity made my Emmy very happy. Now we can ration them out without concern in finding more! Thanks for the great product!

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    Our favorite mice!

    Posted by Juli Granat on 14th Dec 2020

    I have tried so many different ball and mice toys over the years, and these are the ones my cats engage with the most. Between the rabbit fur and the rattle, these mice drive my cats wild. It makes me so happy to see my cat come trotting into the room with this mouse in her mouth to show off her "kill." I'm so happy I found this product!

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    Aslan the rag doll

    Posted by W Pitre on 30th Oct 2020

    These mice are our go to toys. I do have to cut the tails off or he eats them but he plays with them until they are just cardboard. Thanks for carrying them.

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    GREAT! Kittens love and keep playing with even when fur falling off plastic body. Kittens seem to like best white mice rather than any other color.

    Posted by BC on 27th Sep 2019

    Vendor is fast in mailing and answering emails. Will definitely shop here again.