Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair Mouse with elastic tail Cat Toy - 4pk

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4Pk long hair mouse elastic tail
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Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair Mouse Cat Toy. Natural white and natural gray color. Nice Quality!!

These guys have a colorful elastic tail with a puff of fur at the end. Real cute!

Real fur mice cat toys are getting hard to find. We are constantly doing research to find real fur mouse.

We stumbled upon these as another choice from our other TOP SELLER Fur Mouse cat toy.

They are like two toys in one. A mouse toy and a pom pom toy.


  • 100% Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair -  white and gray All Natural colors NO DYES. Two of each Color.

  • Red felt fabric ears, plastic nose and eyes. Red or Yellow elastic cord as a tail with a puff of fur on the end.

  • About 2 inches inches long.

  • Plastic body with real fur around it NO RATTLE


Give your cat something else to try. Our Kats'n Us staff field tested these and are still field testing them! Lots of fun to watch!