Real Rabbit Fur Mouse with Rattle

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Cats love toys. They all have their favorites. It can be a sparkle ball, a glitter ball, mice, catnip, even a piece of string. When it comes to mice, this toy is at the top of the list. We have found that some cats like the mouse with out the rattle inside and then there are cats that have to have the rattle. We decided to offer both. Of course all the mice we offer are made with a soft plastic body surrounded by Real Rabbit fur.  You can’t have enough!







  • Made from 100% Real Rabbit fur in natural gray and white color - NO DYE

  • Pink felt fabric ears

  • Plastic eyes and nose.

  • 1 1/2 inches in length

  • Small pebble in the belly makes a rattle sound when shaken.


Great exercise for your cat! They love to chase, toss and carry these guys around. The Kats’n Us® Cats have field tested these toys for you. Since these toys look so real our cats play with them like they would with a real mouse. This brings out their hunting instincts. They toss them around and can even totally destroy them as if they are alive. Our Kats’N Us® staffers have played with them till they are beyond recognition but have never ate them like real mice. We just make sure we have plenty on hand to keep them busy and dispose of the destroyed ones.  Safety first!  All cats whether they are indoors, outdoors or both need exercise, human contact and stimulation. Make these mice a part of their cat toy selection. 

Our Kats'n Us® staff started field testing these as we opened the box.

Lay some tissue down, throw one of these on top and watch the fun! They will think it is real!



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  • 4

    Posted by Michael gilmore on 11th Nov 2021

    My cats love them

  • 5
    Real Rabbit Fur Mouse With Rattle

    Posted by Elaina Whiting on 3rd Nov 2021

    Our oldest girl loves these. She ends up nearly destroying them, or hiding them all over the house in places that we can't find them so we pretty regularly to to Kats N Us to restock (and they've always been great with shipping etc).

  • 5
    Rattle mice -

    Posted by Mike gilmore on 13th Feb 2021

    My cats loved these- arrived quickly

  • 3
    not sure what I'm supposed to write here!

    Posted by Deborah on 18th Jan 2021

    I'm guessing since my kittens were living outside before they came to live here the rattle and mixed color fur makes them not as in to playing with these as the other nonrattle mice we got from your site but for my previous kitten this was her most beloved toy ... she especially loved playing with it when it got behind the door and could make a LOT of noise during the night ;)

  • 5
    Furry mice

    Posted by Tiffany on 23rd Oct 2020

    My cat goes nuts over these. Throws them up in the air and then attacks. She even found the bag and I caught her head inside trying to dig more out. The real fur and the rattle inside get her going. Thanks for a great cat toy!

  • 4
    Es really likes her mousies!

    Posted by Debbra Noll on 2nd Aug 2020

    Very good quality...the rattle is key!

  • 4
    real rabbit fur mice

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2020

    these were an immediate favorite with the real fur and noisy rattle.

  • 5
    Best toy ever

    Posted by Valerie Alberts on 5th May 2020

    My cats LOVE these little mice! One even plays fetch with them.

  • 5
    Real fur mice with rattle

    Posted by Susan Gaydos on 19th May 2019

    Our cats LOVE them! Our youngest male hunts them every night, they end up under the couch, the fridge, or he will even bring them upstairs to us at times. A great price, well made, and fast delivery. I order a five pack once or twice a year! Thanks!