Sisal Cat Scratcher Board - Cat Face Shape

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Cute Cat Face Sisal Cat Scratching Board with Suction Grips

This is a cat shaped scratching board that can be placed on both the ground or on the wall with the simple use of suction cups, which are provided along with the scratching board. This scratching board is a perfect place for cats to apply all of their suppressed energy without ruining furniture or curtains. It's an amazing solution if the idea of constantly replacing damaged furniture isn’t all that appealing to you.


  • Easy Installation - Bottom 4 suction cups allow you to mount this pad on smooth walls, window, floor or desk to encourage positive, healthy scratching behavior for your cat.
  • Fluffy Ball - The fluffy ball attached on the scratching pad can attract cats to chase and play, offering your kitten hours of fun.
  • Furniture Protector - Satisfy cats natural scratching instincts and divert their attention from furniture to protect your couch from damaging.
  • Safe Natural Material - Made with natural wood and sisal material, durable, sturdy, wear-resistant, non-toxic and safe for your cats.
  • The Scratching board is about 12 inches by 12 inches.

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