What size crate for my Pet for Air Travel

29th Oct 2012

How to choose a crate for your dog cat for Air Travel

Choosing the proper size dog crate or cat carrier for your pet  when you are getting ready for air travel should involve a number of considerations.

  • always check with your airline for their reccomendations and guidelines.
  • International flights have more rules and restrictions.
  • DON"T WAIT to get your pet crate or carrier together.
  • Do your research. One of the best resources on pet air travel is
  • Make sure you measure your pet's length without the tail, height, and width.
  • When selecting the proper crate for your pet, his size is more important than his weight.

Here is a New video on how to measure your pet:

Below is measurment chart of the airline crate packages we offer and more to help you with your selection:


Here is a great picture of how your pet should look in the proper size crate:


To assist you even further, here is a Airline Kennel inside size calculator: