Crystal Glass Nail Files with Swarovski Crystals - travel size

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Crystal nail files decorated with Swarovski crystals are a great gift choice.

A crystal glass manicure or pedicure file is perfect for a personal gift for that favorite Pet Lover!

These are decorated with Swarovski Crystals in a Paw print design.

Crystal colors are: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Black or white.



      • Travel size:  nail file(3.5"). Also offered in Standard nail file (5.5") . Go to our standard size page: Swarvoski Crystal Nail Files

      • Each nail file is hand crafted with Swarovski crystals in a Paw Print design.file-mini-green.jpg

      • Czech Republic made tempered glass.

      • Guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.

      • Continued use reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails.

      • A Black colored protective sheath for each file is included.

      • Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are tempered and consistently test at 102% stronger than regular glass.

 When you use emery boards or metal nail files they cause micro-fractures to your nails. The surface of a Crystal Glass Nail Files is so gentle it "seals" the edge of your nails reducing the splitting, cracking and peeling. With extended use your nails will be stronger.


Like shoes and handbags you can’t own just one!