Crystal Glass Nail Files

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This is the ultimate gift item.

A crystal glass manicure or pedicure file is perfect for a personal gift.

Choose from two designs: Paw print or Black Kitty


  • These Custom printed Glass Nail Files are genuine crystal glass nail files made from Czech tempered glass. When you use emery boards or metal nail files they cause micro-fractures to your nails. The surface of a Crystal Glass Nail Files is so gentle it "seals" the edge of your nails reducing the splitting, cracking and peeling. With extended use your nails will be stronger.
  • Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are tempered and consistently test at 102% stronger than regular glass.
  • The filing surface on Genuine Crystal Glass Nail files are acid-etched right into the surface.  That is why Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.
  • Genuine Crystal Glass Nail Files are produced using the Float Glass Process.  This is the same process used to make fine wine glasses and expensive crystal items.


Like shoes and handbags you can’t own just one!

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    Crystsl glass files

    Posted by Sherry on 23rd Jul 2020

    exactly what I wanted

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    Posted by Pam S on 19th Feb 2013

    I had a glass nail file for years (my mother bought it in Florida), I loved it so much when I saw them in the stores locally (CT) I bought a few. They were awful compared to the one my mother had gotten me. A couple of weeks ago I broke it (carelessly left in a pocket of a jacket and sat on it). I searched for weeks trying to find one as good as that one. THESE ARE THE ONES :) They're perfect. I could tell the minute I got them and used them. Don't hesitate if you're thinking of getting one..or two :) They really are THAT GREAT!