Kitten Starter Kit Cat Toy Cat Bed Combo - Green

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Kitten Starter Kit Cat Toy Cat Bed Combo is the perfect gift for a new kitten, adopted cat or just for a cat that is part of the family!

Complete with our best selling Cat Toys!


  • 1 Comfortable and Durable Felt Bed that measures 18" x 17" x 4"
  • Heavy Felt in bright colors with snaps in each corner to snap together forming a bed.
  • Removable reversible insert pillow. White fleece on one side, matching bed color on other.
  • 1 Kats'N Us® Rabbit Fur Mouse Teaser Wand Cat Toy - includes rabbit fur gray mouse and wand
  • 1 KatFly® Cat Toy Wand Teaser Refill Yellow Birdie
  • 3 Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Ball Cat Toy
  • 3 Tuff Kitty Puff® Cat Toy Sparkle Ball - (vary in color)
  • 1 Real Rabbit Fur Long Hair Mouse Cat Toy - 2pk