Cat Toy Kit with Laser Pointer

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All cats love a laser pointer!

So we decided to add a Laser Pointer to the Original Tube of Cat Toys. You receive all the fun toys we offer in the original Kat Kit PLus we added the laser pointer for added Fun!

You Get:

  • 1 18 inch long plastic tube
  • 1 Cat Charmer teaser wand
  • 2 pieces of Designer Tissue paper
  • 1 laser pointer keychain
  • 1 Hot Cat Catnip cigar
  • 1 gray fur mouse
  • 2 sparkle balls.


  • This Cat Toy Tube has 6 different cat toys in one clear 18 inch long plastic tube. The keychain red laser pointer comes with a laser beams and a light. Batteries are included and the laser pointer comes in assorted colors. Cats love to chase the red beam all over the place! Without shining it in their eyes you can have hours of fun watching their acrobats.

  • The 1 1/2 inch round soft colorful sparkle balls are lightweight and easy to find under furniture. Cats love to toss these toys in the air, bat around on the floor and carry everywhere! They come in assorted colors.

  • Lay the designer tissue paper on the floor, put the catnip cigar on it and watch the fun. These Catnip Cigars are produced by Full Circle Herb Company from Oregon. The catnip they use is organically grown and each cigar is stuffed with 100% catnip flowers and leaves. No Filler!

  • Of course every cat wants interactive play. Swirl the Cat Charmer around and watch your cat grab it and carry it away! The Cat Charmer is also a product produced in the USA and is made with a strong 12 inch clear acrylic wand attached with a no fray fleece fabric that is 4 1/2 feet long! Very durable and great for aerobic exercise!

  • Don’t forget the mouse! This fur mouse looks almost real! You might not like that but your cat will love it. They are easy to toss around, get carried around or found under your furniture!
  • One 2 in 1 laser pointer. It is a laser and a flashlight! Cats love to chase the red light everywhere! Just be careful not to shine it in their eyes!

Hours of Fun for you and your cat!