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This is our #1 cat toy and is sure to be one of your cat’s favorites!

They come in assorted colors and are about  1 1/2 inches in diameter and consist of tinsel and yarn woven very tightly together into a ball. They are very light weight. The colors are Blue, Red, Green, White, Gold and Dark Pink.


The Kats'N Us cats field test all our cat toys before we offer them to you. No matter what we introduce to them, they always come back to playing with this toy.  Our new addition to the Kats'N Us cat family loves to play with this toy and then brings it to us, places it by our shoes or his food dish in exchange for treats.

These lightweight sparkle balls as we call them can be called glitter balls, tinsel balls, glitter pom poms, tinsel pom poms.  No matter what they are called your cat will love to toss, chase, bat these cat toys around.

We have heard concerns about the cat swallowing the tinsel. With that we had these made with the yarn and tinsel woven very tightly together so it does not fall apart as easily as other brands. We also have heard that cats can swallow these toys but it depends on the size. This pom pom is large enough not to poise a risk of an accidental of swallowing. Therefore we have not experienced these concerns. As always safety first!

Kittens, teenage cats and older cats all need exercise, human contact and stimulation.  These sparkle balls are a great addition to your cats toy selection. We even have heard that they like one color over another! Be creative! Tie a string around one and have your cat chase it. Buy several because these toys can easily hide under the furniture or get swallowed up by the vacuum!


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    Glitter balls

    Posted by Sue on 3rd Jul 2019

    My cat loves these things, in fact so much so that keeps losing them so I have to keep buying them

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    Posted by Kim on 12th Jun 2019

    When I adopted my cat 3 years ago his foster mom gave us his favorite blue sparkly ball and I have been searching for more of them all this time. These are great quality that hold up much better than other similar ones I've found. I was so happy to find more of his favorite toy that I ordered two six packs! Will buy again.

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    Sparkle Balls

    Posted by Nancy Harrison on 8th May 2019

    Best cat toy ever! My cats love chasing them all over.

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    Our cats go crazy over these balls!

    Posted by Eva on 28th Jun 2018

    Our cats all love these balls! As soon as we opened the package from Kats 'n Us, our cats were pouncing on these balls. :-) Kats 'n Us is a wonderful seller with great communication. We were worried about the dye on these balls, but Kats 'n Us reassured us that the dye used on these balls is non-toxic to cats. Buy some of these balls...your cats will have so much fun with them and you'll be entertained too.

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    Best Sparkle Ball Ever!

    Posted by Joy on 21st May 2015

    For 14 years I have been purchasing sparkle balls from various online retailers and I can tell you that the quality of this glitter ball surpasses them all. The 1.5 inch ball is tightly woven, just as Kats 'n Us advertises. This means no loose pieces get into feline tummies. The ball wears extremely well and it even has a bounce to it. The price is a little higher but well worth it. I definitely recommend this toy....great quality and the favorite of our two boys.

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    Our female cat loves these balls!

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2015

    Our female cat loves these balls, especially the pink ones! We had another brand before I found this company and what a mess all over the house. I was also concerned about her eating some of the sparkle as she carries them in her mouth. These are her absolute favorite. No worries with this product! Thank you.

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    Posted by Unknown on 7th Feb 2015

    We've had cats for over 25 years, and I think we've bought practically every kind of cat toy on the market. These balls are BY FAR their favorite! They play with these almost exclusively, ignoring all the other toys. And they never seem to get bored with them.

    A piece of advice, however: they will mysteriously disappear (we have over 20 somewhere in the house, and can only find five). I just placed an order for 25 more! Not sure where they are; we'll probably find them when we move.

    I've given some away as gifts to other cat owners, and their cats had the same reaction. You simply cannot go wrong with these balls. Your cat will love them!

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    Great product and customer service

    Posted by Katie on 19th Jan 2015

    I requested that only the pink sparkly balls be sent with my order, as for some reason my cat refuses to play with any of the balls except the pink ones. Not only did Kats 'n Us provide a bag filled with only pink balls, they also included a hand-written note with my order! I was very pleasantly's the little things =)

    In addition- the sparkly ball itself is a well-made product. I've had issues in the past with other companies where the ball falls apart within a day, leaving a mess of tinsel throughout the house. That is not the case with these!

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    Best fren

    Posted by Kris on 8th Jan 2015

    My cats absolutely love this toy

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