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This is our #1 cat toy and is sure to be one of your cat’s favorites!

They come in assorted colors and are about  1 1/2 inches in diameter and consist of tinsel and yarn woven very tightly together into a ball. They are very light weight. The colors are Blue, Red, Green, White, Gold and Dark Pink. The other name we call these fun toys by is Tuff Kitty Puff.


The Kats’n Us cats field test all our cat toys before we offer them to you. No matter what we introduce to them, they always come back to playing with this toy.  Our new addition to the Kats’n Us cat family loves to sparkleball-pic.gifplay with this toy and then brings it to us, places it by our shoes or his food dish in exchange for treats.

These lightweight sparkle balls as we call them can be called glitter balls, tinsel balls, glitter pom poms, tinsel pom poms.  No matter what they are called your cat will love to toss, chase, bat these cat toys around.

We have heard concerns about the cat swallowing the tinsel. With that we had these made with the yarn and tinsel woven very tightly together so it does not fall apart as easily as other brands. We also have heard that cats can swallow these toys but it depends on the size. This pom pom is large enough not to poise a risk of an accidental of swallowing. Therefore we have not experienced these concerns. As always safety first!

Kittens, teenage cats and older cats all need exercise, human contact and stimulation.  These sparkle balls are a great addition to your cats toy selection. We even have heard that they like one color over another! Be creative! Tie a string around one and have your cat chase it. Buy several because these toys can easily hide under the furniture or get swallowed up by the vacuum!


  • 5
    My cat LOVES these!

    Posted by Katie C on 20th Jun 2023

    My cat loves these and carries them around and meows with them until they wear out, then he gets a new one. Green are his favorite color!

  • 5
    Sturdy and fun toy!

    Posted by Katie C on 7th Mar 2022

    My cat loves these tinsel balls! He also only likes certain colors, so I like that I can order a package of all one color.

  • 5
    Kittys favorite toy!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2021

    My kitty LOVES these & they are so durable! Will continue to buy these for the rest of my cat owning life!!

  • 5
    Best tinsel balls EVER!

    Posted by Katie Close on 20th Oct 2021

    These tinsel balls are the only ones I can find that hold up the best. I love that you can order a pack of a specific color too, my cat is particular! My cat loves these tinsel balls too!

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    Sparkle ball cat toy - white.

    Posted by Darlene Downs on 18th Jan 2021

    My cat loves these balls they are small and soft so he can pick them up with his mouth or claws and move them to places where he hides them. Then he goes back and retrieves them and plays his hockey game with them.

  • 5
    sparkle balls

    Posted by Whitney Nickel on 10th Nov 2020

    the best sparkle balls ever!! my cats are rough with these and they NEVER fall apart

  • 5
    Great toy

    Posted by Tiffanyc153 on 11th Mar 2020

    My cats love these. Perfect size and well made.

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    Sparkle Balls

    Posted by Robin D Sprague on 4th Jan 2020

    One of my cats is crazy over these and uses them for throw and fetch games. What she really loves is the inner core. In fact, we take most if not all of the sparkle off and we would be delighted if you could sell them that way. She particularly likes the gold color for some reason but in a pinch will use other colors. Every single night just before bed I have to throw them for her. She brings them back and the game continues about 15-20 times before I turn off the light and she knows that’s all for the night.

  • 5
    Glitter balls for cats

    Posted by John Schipp on 1st Jul 2015

    Unable to source glitter balls in Australia, we thankfully found Kats 'n us on line.
    These are the only toys that Maxi will play with all the time, provided they are green.
    Having hidden, never to be found again, the original 8 glitter balls she started with, we restocked with 12 new glitter balls and so far we there is only one that we cannot find. Best toy we have come across for playing hide and seek, provided you are prepared to accept that most cats are far more clever than us and we need to keep a good supply of balls to keep them happy.