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Our sparkle ball cat toy was such a hit we thought we would offer an even BIGGER sparkle ball! Introduce the Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff® Sparkle Ball Cat Toy!puff-red.jpg

The Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff® comes in the same great assorted colors: Green, Blue, White, Gold, Red and Pink. These sparkle balls are over 2 inches in diameter. They still consist of tinsel intertwined with yarn and very tightly woven into a soft but firm light weight fabric ball.


Our Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puffs® or sparkle balls as we call them, can be called glitter balls, tinsel balls, glitter pom poms, tinsel pom poms.  No matter what they are called your cat will love to toss, chase, bat these cat toys around.  Because of their size there is less of a risk of your cat  accidentally swallowing these toys. Get involved with your cat's exercise and tie a string around one of these large sparkle balls and have your cat chase it.
These sparkle balls are a great addition to your cats toy selection. We even have heard that they like one color over another!



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    Jumbo Sparkle Ball

    Posted by Janet on 14th Oct 2020

    Sparkle balls are my cats favorite toys. They love to play fetch with them and throw them around and pounce on them. These jumbo ones are great, and very well made. I've bought others from the pet store, but in no time they've shed all the tinsel. I'm happy to have found these and will will be buying these from now on.

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    Jumbo sparkling cat toy

    Posted by Lulu on 25th Aug 2020

    My cats love them- throwing them up in the air and catching them and chasing after them.

  • 5

    Posted by Beth A Wiig on 11th Jun 2020

    My cat loves these and I can't find them anywhere. Love the multipack. Fast shipping.

  • 5
    Jumbo Sparkle Ball Cat Toy

    Posted by Susan on 14th May 2020

    These are great and much harder to fit under the stove.

  • 5
    Sparkle balls

    Posted by Eric Miller on 29th Apr 2020

    Great product at a great price! My cat absolutely cannot get enough of these sparkling balls. It is the only thing that I have found that keeps his attention. The store bought ones always left glitter all over the floors but these are durable and inexpensive as well. I ordered a six pack and just ordered more. I’m so glad that I found this site. My cat is happy to have these. It’s almost like his hobby!

  • 5

    Posted by Sieg Mills on 14th Jan 2020

    These are wonderful. My overactive kitten runs around with one in his mouth, so cute.

  • 5
    Jumbo sparkle ball

    Posted by Judith Bolus on 21st Dec 2019

    My kitties love these sparkle balls,and they entertain nonstop!

  • 5
    Jumbo Sparkle Ball Cat Ball

    Posted by Katherine Flickinger on 4th Jun 2019

    Just awesome! All of our four cats go crazy when we toss one out. They all get in the mix until one runs off with the ball, which eventually gets hidden under a cabinet or under the stove. Then they cry until we fish it out. Seems like they think it’s a great game to do it all over again. They prefer these sparkle balls to just about any other toy.

  • 4
    Sparkle Balls

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2019

    Sunset likes them. Not as much as his old ones that sheds and more pom pom like but I was interested because the description said it was sturdy. I wish there were sturdy pom balls that didn't shed. It does the trick to keep him busy

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