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Our sparkle ball cat toy was such a hit we thought we would offer an even BIGGER sparkle ball! Introduce the Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff® Sparkle Ball Cat Toy!puff-red.jpg

The Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puff® comes in the same great assorted colors: Green, Blue, White, Gold, Red and Pink. These sparkle balls are over 2 inches in diameter. They still consist of tinsel intertwined with yarn and very tightly woven into a soft but firm light weight fabric ball.


Our Jumbo Tuff Kitty Puffs® or sparkle balls as we call them, can be called glitter balls, tinsel balls, glitter pom poms, tinsel pom poms.  No matter what they are called your cat will love to toss, chase, bat these cat toys around.  Because of their size there is less of a risk of your cat  accidentally swallowing these toys. Get involved with your cat's exercise and tie a string around one of these large sparkle balls and have your cat chase it.
These sparkle balls are a great addition to your cats toy selection. We even have heard that they like one color over another!



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    Fun for everyone!

    Posted by Amber on 16th Dec 2022

    Our cat LOVES these jumbo sparkling poms. For some reason the white is his favorite color. He doesn’t really care for any other toys but these balls!

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    Jumbo Sparkle Ball Cat Toy

    Posted by Roxanne on 8th Feb 2022

    Both of my cats LOVE these glitter balls! They bat them all over and carry them in their mouth from place to place. These are a winner!

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    Great Cat Toy

    Posted by GUY COMITO on 22nd Apr 2021

    My Color Point Shorthair Siamese loved the 1 inch balls, she loves the 2 inch even more, she will not play with any other toy, they make her act like a kitten at 11 years old.

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    Jumbo Sparkle Ball

    Posted by Karen on 4th Apr 2021

    These are so nice and soft and glittery. They don’t shed at all like other sparkle balls do. My cat loves to play ball. These are the perfect size for tossing to her. She jumps up and catches them. Such fast shipping too.

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    Large sparkle ball

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2021

    Kitten's been playing with her new toy

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    Posted by Suzette Schreffler on 18th Jan 2021

    Red pom poms bleed onto my white quilt bedspread. I'm going to wash them and see if they are okay then but I would have thought for pets you would make sure the dyes were ok for pets!
    Comment from Seller: The red ones can bleed a little especially if your kitty plays with them in water. The dyes used are non-toxic and safe for cats. We are always concerned with the safety of cats!

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    Large Sparkleball

    Posted by Pamela Halter on 10th Jan 2021

    These are the best sparkle balls on the market and my cat loves them dearly specially the big ones.

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    Posted by GLORIA MC KITTRICK on 24th Dec 2020

    My 6 month old kittens adore these. They are big enough not to get caught under things and the strands don't fall out like they do on the cheaper smaller balls. I love these and so do my cats!

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    Posted by Yuki on 15th Dec 2020

    I'm Yuki and I highly suggest that if you want your kitty to be as happy as I am, and you don't want all the sparkle ballies shooting under the couch, you have GOT to tell your owner to get these for you! They're awesome!