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Tuff Kitty Puff® Sparkle Ball Cat Toy!
Mini Size!
Does your cat play rough and tough with their toys? Do you go through the basic sparkle ball fast? Then you need to try these TUFF Kitty Puffs®.  This tinsel, glitter or sparkle ball is what started it all for us. This is THE Cat toy our Kats'n Us staff will play with year round. Even sleep with! it is the ultimate in TUFF sparkle balls.
The sparkle ball we offer on our site is made specifically for cats. The colorful yarn and tinsel is tightly woven together to endure the hunter instinct and playfulness of your cat. Cats can play for hours with this toy. But there are those cats that play hard and can easily tear up a simple sparkle ball. Even the craft type tinsel balls are hard to keep up. So we did some researching and discovered this kitty puff had disappeared but was not forgotten. We decided that it needed to be reintroduced. so instead of one size we offer 3 now! Jumbo, Standard size, and now the mini size!

The TUFF Kitty Puff® comes in assorted brilliant colors in very tightly woven yarn. Colors range from Blue, White, Gold, Green, Red, Dark Pink. This standard size cat toy is 1  inches in diameter.


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    Tuff Kitty Puff 1 inch sparkle balls

    Posted by Peter Lindstrom on 15th Jun 2024

    My cat Otis is a hardcore "fetch" player. He loves all the sizes but mostly these because they are great for catching fly-ball, in mid air. You can trust these not to fall apart and shed like the cheaper varieties. Otis sends his love!

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    Sparkle balls

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2023

    A bit small but still a huge hit!

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    sparkle balls

    Posted by Loni on 6th Sep 2021

    These balls are actually really pretty with more sparkles than ordinary craft sparkle balls. I gave them a four because my finicky cat won't play with them. She prefers a smaller ball, which Kats' N Us does not offer. The company was super about my returning them. They sent me a prepaid label. I will do business with them again.

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    Best ever!

    Posted by Marjorie on 23rd Jun 2021

    I have been looking everywhere for ‘glitter balls!’ The one or two remaining had lost their sparkle and were rather bare. These new ones are a better quality and are the cats meow! We are all very happy!

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    Sparkle Balls

    Posted by Kristina M Wolski on 19th Mar 2021

    Our DSH kitty who passed away several years ago loved these toys so much that we buried one with her. We called them "Raga balls" after her. Our almost 3 year Balinese found them under things and took a "shine" to them. We've ordered more for him several times but we still call them "Raga balls!!" We find them in shoes, in his water and food bowl, etc. And they only like the ones from this company cause they have so much sparkle!

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    Sparkle balls

    Posted by Robin D Sprague on 26th Feb 2021

    My Sophie will not play with anything else. But there are a few stipulations. They have to be gold color and the smallest possible. I have to cut all of the sparkle off so she has the little inner core. Please consider selling some without sparkle. She will not play with any other ball or any other brand. Every night before bed she insists I throw them for her to fetch and bring back. If I don’t know where they are she scolds me. If I try to throw a bigger one or another color she often finds the little yellow ones that I was not able to find- or she meows at me . So please don’t ever stop making them and when I write on the other I only want gold or the smallest please understand.

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    BEST "Sparkly Balls"

    Posted by WASK on 23rd Sep 2020

    My 5 kitties enjoy these toys, but my 14.5 year old in particular! Spike LOVES sparkly balls. He carries them around in his mouth, plays soccer/hockey with them using his front paws, and yowls when he's killed them dead! ;) These are durable- Spike likes to try to chew them apart, and they last REALLY well. They are the PERFECT size as none of the kitties try to eat them (Spike used to swallow and puke back up whole ones of the smaller lesser quality other brand balls)! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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    Great product, quick shipping

    Posted by Tristan on 22nd Sep 2020

    Happy that CatsNUs was able to ship this item quickly. They are high quality and wont tear up. Cat is still getting used to them but they are exactly like his favorites so once they wear out he now has a nice batch waiting for him!

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    My cats really like these!

    Posted by Judy Lessenden on 21st Sep 2020

    These sparkle balls are the best I've been able to find recently. They are not like the old ones (7+ years ago) that I could find that were smaller and very tightly wrapped and last forever, but these appear to hold up better than the cheaper ones at the grocery store.