Dat Darn Ferret Rabbit Fur Cat Toy

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Great exercise for your cat!

These furry natural gray real rabbit fur ferrets are your cats delight!

They love to chase, toss and carry these guys around. 


The Kats’n Us Cats have field tested these toys for you. Since these toys look so real our cats play with them like they would with a real mouse. This brings out their hunting instincts. They toss them around even rabbit kick them which is great exercise. The large size is a great benefit if you are having lost toys under furniture. Our Kats'N Us staffers have played with them till they are beyond recognition but have never ate them like real mice.  Safety first!  All cats whether they are indoors, outdoors or both need exercise, human contact and stimulation. Make these Dat Darn Ferrets a part of their cat toy selection.


  • Dat Darn Ferrets are made out of 100% Real Rabbit fur and are about 10 inches long including their furry tail.
  • They 2 red felt ears and a red nose.
  • This Ferret is made with a soft plastic mold for the body with real rabbit fur around it.
  • It does have a Rattle inside for more fun!

Also in natural color and made from real rabbit fur is our Fur Pom Pom Cat Toy. Another favorite of the Kats'n Us staff.

  • 5
    Both my cats love the smell and the noise.

    Posted by Cheryl Sheldon on 20th Jul 2021

    I buy Rabbit cat food ,too. Nothing goes to waste, that is great.

  • 5
    Fur animal toy.

    Posted by Deborah Cudmore on 8th Apr 2021

    I have a kitty who runs around with toy .

  • 5
    Best Cat Toy Ever

    Posted by Brad W. on 23rd Feb 2021

    My Bengal cat (11 years old) rarely plays with toys these days, but after buying this toy, she went berserk. She carries it around the house while growling, as if she just caught a live animal. I ordered more.

  • 5
    Ferret Rabbit Fur Cat Toy

    Posted by SHERYL CASTELLANO on 28th Dec 2020

    I love that this is real rabbit fur. My kitties love playing with this

  • 5
    Ferret Rabbit Fur Cat Toy

    Posted by Jean on 27th Sep 2020

    My cat loves and plays often with this toy

  • 5
    My cats think it's real!

    Posted by Judy Lessenden on 21st Sep 2020

    I think my cats this this is a real animal, they flip it up in the air and pounce on it and then carry it around. The body is harder than I thought it would be, but they don't seem to mind.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2020

    My cat loves it! She only likes real fur toys!

  • 5
    Rabbit fur ferret toy

    Posted by Michele on 31st Jul 2020

    My cat loves it, he throws it up in the air, Chase is it, kicks at it and bites it

  • 5
    GREAT! Kittens love and keep playing with even when fur falling off plastic body.

    Posted by BC on 27th Sep 2019

    KATS'N US shipped product quickly and answered emails fast. Will shop here again.